April 2, 2014

Homemade Rice Seasoning

If you take a little gander in my 'Recipes' tab (found at the top of my blog)  you'll probably think we don't eat anything but dessert at our house.  I promise that's not the case (although we do LOVE dessert!).  We do eat regular meals such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but for some reason I always end up posting the dessert recipes here.  

Homemade Rice Seasoning @ Blissful Roots

I think I need to mix it up a bit in the recipe department.  Not to say you won't see more desserts in the future, but I'll try to do more actual meal recipes that we love at our house.  Stay tuned...

Homemade Rice Seasoning @ Blissful Roots

Today I have a homemade rice seasoning mix you can make yourself and have ready to toss in a plain old batch of rice whenever you need.  My husband and boys aren't big potato fans, so we often use rice.  I really like rice as well, but some times it can be a bit boring.  I try to stay away from the boxed seasoned rice you can buy at the store because of all the sodium, so I'm left to more made-from-scratch options.

  This seasoning is so easy to put together, and will make your next batch of rice a hit!  I always double, or even triple the recipe and then just keep it in a jar for when I need to add a  little extra something to our rice side dish.
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How do you do rice at your house?
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