April 14, 2014

Online Bible Easter Videos

As much as I love all the food, crafts, decor, and festivities of the holidays, the deeper meaning of Easter (and Christmas) means a lot more to me.  I thoroughly enjoy the fun of the secular part of holidays, but it's the spiritual side that makes me who am I, do what I do, and believe what I do.
Online Bible Easter Videos @ Blissful Roots
So, today I share an amazing resource for some touching video clips you can use with your family during this special week leading up to Easter Sunday. 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has a website I'm sure many of you have heard about (lds.org).  They have, in my opinion, the most touching series of bible videos anywhere!  I love watching them, and they actually really capture my boys' attention (their latest favorite being The Good Samaritan).  I love how quite and simple the videos are.  Not a lot of talking, but it's not needed.  You feel what you need to feel without it.

I have quite a few video links here.  You'll find the actual resurrection videos at the end, but I included all the videos they offer of the days before the Savior's death and resurrection. 

Online Bible Easter Videos @ Blissful Roots
To This End Was I Born
Online Bible Easter Videos @ Blissful Roots
Jesus Is Scourged and Crucified
Jesus Is Resurrected
Just in time for Easter The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is also sponsoring a "Because of Him" campaign.  You can click the image below to view a short clip of what His suffering and resurrection mean to each of us.  My everyday life is more meaningful, and hopeful.  I know I'll see and be with my family and loved ones again someday, even after we've left this earthly life.  I also know I can start new again, be forgiven when I fall, and never feel defeated.

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I hope you'll take the time to view, if not all, just a few of these videos.  The I know they'll touch your heart, and bring the true meaning of Easter to life.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope you found a little something worth your time.

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