April 9, 2014

Easter Chex Mix

I know when I posted my recipe (homemade rice seasoning) last week, I mentioned I had a goal of sharing more than just dessert recipes here at Blissful Roots.  And here I am today with another dessert.  My apologies!  But this recipe is a bit time sensitive, so I had to get it posted.   I promise next week's recipe will be a savory side dish!

Easter Chex Mix @ Blissful Roots

We had a gathering with all the girls (ages 12 to 18) at church a few weeks ago, and one of the leaders had brought this totally addicting treat.  I always love a good cereal treat, don't you?  My grandma always had a Special K one she would make (stay tuned for that recipe) make, and it was my favorite!  This Chex recipe is equally as good, takes hardly any time to make, has just a few ingredients, and will become a family favorite for sure!

Easter Chex Mix @  Blissful Roots
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The last sentence in the recipe is important!  The M&Ms will melt and smear, so wait a bit to add them, but not too long, or they won't stick.  I actually just pushed the M&Ms on top with my fingers, and that seemed to work really well.

Of course you could use regular M&Ms, but with Easter just around the corner, the pastel colors are completely fitting.  The perfect Easter treat for your up-coming Easter festivities!  Just make sure to double, or even triple the batch for a large group.  It will go quickly!

Easter Chex Mix @ Blissful Roots

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